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Based out of the Design Centre in Porvorim, Centre 1 was Sensible Earth's first experiment - in a beautiful structure open to the forest, we housed a co-working space for entrepreneurs working towards resource positive Goa, a sustainability school, plant based café and community kitchen. With workshops, talks, a collectively planted food forest, and a growing community of change makers, we spent a year understanding the landscape of Goa's environmental and economic complexities.

Centre 1

The inverted pyramid:








From Centre 1 to GHH, we experienced a large shift in philosophy. By focusing on Impact first, our community is built through intentional interactions, and strong binding forces of collective purpose.


The corona virus pandemic brought the local Goan economy to a grinding halt. As we all know now, the people that got worst hit were the daily wage earners and the elderly. Sensible.Earth enabled a citizens initiative to help delivery groceries in the city of Panjim.

Responding to the lack of information and mobilization, overnight we set up a cloud telephone system to enable thousands of calls coming in from across the state- the very first day we received over 40,000 calls from people seeking help and supplies. In the coming days, 30 to 40 volunteers were enabled to take calls, manage and deliver the food supplies. Eventually, the Sensible.Earth Centre was converted into a food bank, along with several other locations.


The initiate was taken forward and amazing work has been done by volunteers across the sate, the GHH was a true citizens initiative.

Purchasing rations, packing, logistic distribution (credit to Delhivery) and finally the process of vetting the calls, documenting the communities (largely daily wage earners), and distributing was a life changing experience for us a Sensible.Earth

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Ideas for Goa


Once our work with GHH slowed down, we began to look ahead to a lot of changes within our own organization, and felt the struggle that a lot of small businesses and young entrepreneurs alike, were facing post-lockdown. In a rising attempt to look to a future of possibilities - was born.


A series of 7 webinars was organized with expert panels and  bringing the local community together to discuss and deliberate. Some webinar topics were: local ecosystems, tourism and hospitality, learning and knowledge, health and wellness, creative services.

Our research and data has been logged in the form of a comprehensive report below.