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#MakaNakaPlastic is a local Goan movement aimed at providing a sustainable alternative to single use plastic in Goa and someday globally. The aim of #MakaNakaPlastic is to solve three crucial problems, namely: the environmental damage caused by single use plastic, to reduce the carbon emissions created by a fast fashion industry and lastly to reduce female unemployment which has recently been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The #MakaNakaPlastic movement aims to change people's habits of relying on single use plastic by providing a sustainable alternative through the use of upcycled material, more specifically, recycled clothing and other fabrics.  The model of #MakaNakaPlastic is to turn old clothing into upcycled reusable bags made by local women as an alternative to the single use plastic bag. 

We strictly only use upcycled materials, currently sourced in Goa and Mumbai, so as to ensure that the making of our bags does not provide further waste and an additional burden on the environment. By using upcycled materials and in particular, upcycled clothing, #Makanakaplastic addresses the immense waste created by the fast fashion industry by attempting to eliminate the large masses of clothing that is found in landfills worldwide.  We also have 

#Makanakaplastic bags are made by over 62 women in Goa from the marginalized community and through a network of self-help groups.  Some of the women in these self-help groups have been rescued from the human trafficking trade and others are simply trying to find other avenues to supplement their income.



As a starting point to the drive to change the habits of people in relation to using single use plastic and plastic in general, #Makanakaplastic will be holding a three-week campaign in the coming months.  The aim of the campaign is to distribute 10,000 bags throughout Goa and more importantly to have 10,000 conversations about the impact of plastic on the environment and the necessity to switch to more sustainable options by providing an alternative to the single use plastic bag. The bags will be offered at the point of sale in instances where someone is about to receive a plastic bag. 

The campaign is not intended to shame or preach but rather to spark a mindset change through dialogue, engagement and education. 

In order to do this, we need your help!

About Sensible.Earth 


Sensible Earth is a collectively driven organization that nurtures, facilitates and creates change to enable a planet where human activity is not just resource neutral, but resource positive.

We believe that sustainable practices go hand in hand with philosophical and economic prosperity. Our aim is to shift perspectives and actions; to create abundance where we might have seen scarcity. Fore-fronting the makers, do-ers, and artists of Goa, we incubate projects that generate tangible positive changes in the daily lives of Goans.

Thousands of entrepreneurs in India are working across issues such as waste management; sustainable building; and sustainable tourism. However, the sustainability ecosystem is highly fragmented. Sensible Earth seeks to be a space of ideation, connection and productive growth.

We hold strong the belief that gathering in intentional spaces is essential for our evolution. So, we hold space for Goans to connect, learn and grow together with the intention to transform collective interaction with nature - while rethinking and reimagining our idea of nature itself.

Our space in Salvador do Mundo, resting by marshland teeming with birds and wilderness, is both a retreat and a workshop. Working from House of Seven Doors, we welcome folks from all walks of life to volunteer their energies towards what we do.

For aspiring and current social entrepreneurs, we offer community support, knowledge base, networking & learning opportunities - for greater collective impact. 

For corporates and others that would like to improve their practices, we provide structured learning opportunities and easy-to-access rosters of sustainable collaborators. Our public programming, always free or low-cost, creates awareness and education around the issues that concern us.

We aim to always think locally, and set achievable milestones that take us step by step to harmonious living.


Please do contact us to get started

Jerusha@Sensible.Earth mobile: 8767612729

Sanjiv@Sensible.Earth mobile: 797716501


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