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Sensible Earth

is a collectively driven organization that nurtures, facilitates and creates change to enable a planet where human activity is not just resource neutral, but resource positive.

We believe that sustainable practices go hand in hand with philosophical and economic prosperity. Our aim is to shift perspectives and actions; to create abundance where we might have seen scarcity.

Fore-fronting the makers, do-ers, and artists of Goa, we incubate projects that generate tangible positive changes in the daily lives of Goans.




Thousands of entrepreneurs in India are working across issues such as waste management; sustainable building; sustainable tourism; wildlife rehab; habitat protection and more.


However, the sustainability ecosystem is highly fragmented.


Sensible Earth seeks to be a space of ideation, connection and productive growth.


We hold strong the belief that gathering in intentional spaces is essential for our evolution. So, we hold space for Goans to connect, learn and grow together with the intention to transform collective interaction with nature - while rethinking and reimagining our idea of nature itself.


Our space in Salvador do Mundo, resting by marshland teeming with birds and wilderness, is both a retreat and a workshop. Working from House of Seven Doors, we welcome folks from all walks of life to volunteer their energies towards what we do.


For aspiring and current social entrepreneurs, we offer community support, knowledge base, networking & learning opportunities - for greater collective impact.


For corporates and others that would like to improve their practices, we provide structured learning opportunities and easy-to-access rosters of sustainable collaborators.


Our public programming, always free or low-cost, creates awareness and education around the issues that concern us.


We aim to always think locally, and set achievable milestones that take us step by step to harmonious living.

Founded by Sanjiv Khandelwal, 2018




a festival celebrating sustainable coexistence

NOVEMBER 6-8 2020

Garcia de Orta, Panjim Goa

Revival is a festival that celebrates stories of sustainable coexistence. As human beings, we have always gathered to share stories and exchange ideas. This is a way of celebrating our lives and growing collectively.


Through Revival, we hope to find and share alternatives to new creation, uncover ways to discard responsibly, create an inclusive space that makes upcycling accessible and fun, and create an atmosphere of hope and shared responsibility.


With bonfires, stories, guitars, slow dancing and poetry, Revival2020 opens up a space of sharing, where intimacy is essential to sustainable living and growth.


Centered around 12 storytelling acts, the festival will span 3 days 6-7-8 from 4-10pm.


Each evening we will present four acts, with sustainable stalls put up for the duration we are up and running, bracketed by waste walks, music jams, cycling tours, diy workshops - 2-3 a day.


Those who join us at Revival2020 will be empowered by personal stories, enough to implement small, incremental  changes in their daily lives that contribute to Sensible Earth's mission of envisioning a planet where human activity is not just resource neutral, but resource positive.


We hope to create an inclusive atmosphere, and invite visitors of all ages living within Goa. By engaging with our audience through music, art, workshops and stories, we hope to impart an awareness to see beauty in waste, and to rethink before they buy or create new products.





Come see us at the centre and explore ways to become part of the movement! 


Call/Whatsapp us at

+91 8767612729 to schedule a visit, or email us at with your ideas for collaborations, or sustainability projects you seek support for.


Sensible Earth at House of Seven Doors

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